Clay Plasters

American Clay earth plasters are green from start to finish.  A unique combination of clays, aggregates and mineral pigments create the colors and textures that make American Clay a natural choice for warmth and beauty.  With four finishes and a stunning selection of colors, you can create wall surfaces that are entirely contemporary or reminiscent of the traditional interiors of the American Southwest, Tuscany or Provence.  

Why use clay plasters? They breathe, regulating relative interior temperature and humidity, absorbing toxins and neutralizing odors, screening the electromagnetic radiation given off by electronics--and they are naturally anti-static.  What all this means is that clay plasters are positively healthy to be around, as they improve indoor air quality in ways other finishes simply cannot. They are the perfect choice for people with allergies or chemical sensitivities, as well as those interested in creating healthy living and working environments.

  • All natural products made from proprietary blends of clay and aggregate

    In five finishes: Loma, Lomalina, Porcelina, Marittimo and Enjarre

    Loma, Lomalina, Porcelina & Marittimo are two-coat plasters

    Enjarre is a one-coat plaster developed especially for commercial interiors

    Non-fading mineral pigments in 65 Standard Colors and 160 Standard Blends--

    Countless possible artistic finishes

    Bonds to drywall, masonry, previously painted surfaces, many other substrates

    No skim coat necessary over Level 2 or Level 3 drywall

    Easy to install, maintain and repair 

    Durable, will last the life of the wall without recoating

    Resists mold and mildew

    Moderates temperature and humidity

    Buffers sound

    Mitigates electromagnetic radiation given off by electronics

    Zero volatile organic compounds (voc's)

    Zero waste products

    Contains 70% recycled and reclaimed content

    Earns up to 10 LEED credits

    Trade and DIY training available

    Material Safety Data Sheets available upon request

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  • If you've seen it nature, you can find it here.  No matter where you've been, American Clay has a color to match.  With 65 Standard Colors and 159 Standard Blends, you can recreate the beauty of the natural world with American Clay earth plasters, mineral pigments and the limitless artistic finishes that are possible.

    The mineral oxides and ochres used in American Clay color packs ensure your walls will be naturally resistant to UV rays and will not fade, as normally associated with other finishes. So, if you're happy with the color, you've made an investment in a wall finish that will last a lifetime without recoating.

    Casa Verde maintains an inventory of American Clay color packs and will gladly special order Custom Colors formulated especially for your project.   Minimums and lead times may apply.

    New Standard Colors

    Notes on the New Standard Colors

    Chalk Creek is equivalent to one-half a Sugarloaf White color pack.  This allows for numerous blended options beyond what is possible with Sugarloaf White, as the pigment load is reduced.  Chalk Creek cannot be added to Sugarloaf White to increase the whiteness, as Sugarloaf White is already the maximum load of white.

    Oyster Bay, the popular base color of Marittimo plaster, is now available as a color pack that can be added to Loma, Lomalina, Porcelina and Enjarre to achieve the same warm neutral base color of Marittimo (sort of like wet cement).

    In the same sense, if you like the Snow Canyon base color of Loma and Porcelina when it's wet, the new color White Earth replicates that effect almost exactly and is sometimes also referred to as "wet" Snow Canyon.

    American Clay now recommends that the following colors should be used in finish coats only: Sugarloaf White, Treetop, Glacier and Estancia.  If you wish to use color in the base coat, use a half pack of Treetop, Glacier or Estancia, and use one Chalk Creek instead of 1/2 pack Sugarloaf White.

    New Color Palette (all 65 Standard Colors plus 159 Standard Blends)

    As color varies from one monitor or printer to the next, we invite you to stop by our showroom and view these colors in person.  And, please bring along your textiles, art or other items that you'd like to coordinate with these colors.

  • With the introduction of American Clay's new color options, they've also updated their assortment of design tools.  Now you can purchase them according to your specific need, from a single sample board in the color and plaster required for a specific project or presentation to pre-mix sample packs in any combination of plasters and colors for creating your own sample boards and blends. 

    Sample Boards/ single 6x6 and 12x12 tiles, and sets of 5 tiles in either size

    This option gives you the most flexibility in terms of choosing the size, color and plaster of the samples you receive, making them a good choice for client presentations. Orders for these tiles must be received by the end of day on Wednesdays, for production on Fridays and shipping the following Monday.  

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    More Design Tools:

    2 lb Sample Tinted Plaster (Loma in stock; Lomalina, Porcelina & Marittimo by Special Order)

    Tinted plaster for creating sample boards or making repairs; 2 pounds is enough material for 8 sf Loma, 12 sf Porcelina or 6 sf Marittimo.  Please specify color.  

    5 lb Sample Untinted Plaster (Loma, Porcelina, Marittimo & Enjarre in stock)

    Untinted plaster for creating sample boards or making repairs; 5 pounds is enough material for 20 sf Loma, 30 sf Porcelina or 15 sf Marittimo.  

  • There are five different systems for installing American Clay--from the simplest roll-on method to traditional hand-troweling techniques to spray application for commercial projects.  We have written instructions for every method (including substrate preparation) along with technical documents such as Architectural Submittals and Material Safety Data Sheets that designers and contractors require for project specifications.  And we maintain a list of contractors who are qualified to install American Clay.  Just let us know what you need and we'll send pdf's by return email.

    There are also a lot of really wonderful YouTube videos that demonstrate different aspects of working with American Clay.  Here are a few that we refer to often:

    For more American Clay YouTube videos:

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