Clay Plasters

American Clay earth plasters are green from start to finish.  A unique combination of clays, aggregates and mineral pigments create the colors and textures that make American Clay a natural choice for warmth and beauty.  With four finishes and a stunning selection of colors, you can create wall surfaces that are entirely contemporary or reminiscent of the traditional interiors of the American Southwest, Tuscany or Provence.  

Why use clay plasters? They breathe, regulating relative interior temperature and humidity, absorbing toxins and neutralizing odors, screening the electromagnetic radiation given off by electronics--and they are naturally anti-static.  What all this means is that clay plasters are positively healthy to be around, as they improve indoor air quality in ways other finishes simply cannot. They are the perfect choice for people with allergies or chemical sensitivities, as well as those interested in creating healthy living and working environments.

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