Natural Paints

NATURALS interior paints and primer are organic, plant-based coatings designed to beautify and protect interior walls and ceilings safely, naturally and sustainably.  Sourced from plant and mineral components, Safecoat Naturals are the first truly practical architectural coatings based on plant-based phytochemistry.  Like the bark on a tree, Naturals create a breathable surface that improves indoor air quality--and they are fully biodegradable, emit no toxins and contain no harmful solvents, preservatives, dryers or other irritants that have adverse effects on good health.  

LEED Qualified. VOC CONTENT: 17-24 g/L. Sizes: Quarts, Gallons, 5-Gallons. COVERAGE: Approximately 350 sf per gallon in one coat, depending on surface porosity and method of application.  APPLICATION: In all cases, the best finish will be achieved with primer and two coats of paint.

Color: Safecoat offers more than a thousand appealing colors in two color palettes: their original Ambiance color collection and  newer Ayurveda Essence palette.  In addition, Casa Verde also color matches leading national brands in Safecoat paints, so the perfect color is always available in a healthy finish for residential and commercial projects.

Naturals are Special Order finishes: For all Naturals Flat and Naturals Pearl in any size and tint base, and Multi-Purpose Primer in any size, please allow 5-7 day business days for delivery; shipping charges may apply.

The Safecoat paints, stains and sealers that Casa Verde offers are LEED qualified and have received the Indoor Air Advantage Gold Award from Scientific Certification Systems, validation that these products meet the USGBC LEED criteria for EQ4.5, EQ4.1 and EQ4.2, in addition to standards set by California 01350 and the Collaborative for High Performance Schools.  Safecoat products contribute to the most stringent indoor air quality objectives currently in effect in North America. 

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