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Old-Fashioned Milk Paints are organic, non-toxic and environmentally safe. Made from natural materials (milk protein, lime, clay and natural pigments), they contain NO petrochemicals, solvents or other harmful additives. For use in residential and commercial interiors, milk paints are an excellent painted finish for furniture, cabinets, floors, walls and toys, and have gained wide usage with the advent of green building and interest in healthy, sustainable lifestyles.  Old-Fashioned Milk Paints are LEED eligible and an exceptional value.

  • Original Old-Fashioned Milk Paint is the perfect product for unfinished woods and other porous surfaces.  (For non-porous surfaces, add Extra Bond when mixing). Available in twenty Classic Colors; dry powder, packaged as pints (35 sf), quarts (75 sf) and gallons (300 sf). Biodegradable, non-toxic, zero voc; soap and water clean up.  Dry to the touch in 30 minutes; re-coat in two hours.

    Extra Bond is a concentrated bonding agent, mixed in the base coat of milk paint to promote adhesion to non-porous surfaces (such as previously painted or otherwise finished surfaces, including pre-primed products, enamel, metal and glass).  Non-toxic, zero voc; soap and water clean up.  Drying time is approximately one hour.  Surface must be perfectly clean; test surface before application.

    Antique Crackle is a natural gelatin product used as a surface treatment, to create a time-worn weathered effect on furniture, picture frames and signs.  Apply prior to the final coat of milk paint.  Packaged in pints (25 sf), quarts (50 sf) and gallons (200 sf).  Non-toxic, low voc; water clean up.  Drying time is 2-3 hours, depending on humidity.  Surface must be perfectly clean; test surface before application.

    Hope's Tung Oil is a pure, exotic naturally drying oil, used for a hard, beautiful hand-rubbed finish on unfinished or bare wood.  It is an instant, brushless finish coat for fine woods, furniture and antiques--no sanding, no brush marks, runs or streaks; tung oil is water and alcohol resistant.  Rubs in like oil, but dries hard like a varnish; tung oil penetrates deep into wood fibers, cures and becomes integrated in the wood.  Low gloss finish; in pints, quarts, gallons.  Oil-soaked rags should be  disposed of in water filled containers.

    Casa Verde maintains an inventory of Old-Fashioned Milk Paint in Pints and Quarts.  We also have original milk paint in base formula (no added pigment), which can be colored with universal tints and other water-soluble pigments at your option, to create unique, custom colors.

    In addition, Casa Verde stocks Extra Bond, Antique Crackle and Tung Oil in pints and will gladly special order sizes that we don't currently stock.  Minimums and lead times may apply on Special Orders.

    See step-by-step images of an Old-Fashioned Milk Paint project on our Facebook page (

  • Safe Paint for interior walls and ceilings is Old-Fashioned Milk Paint's innovative re-creation of historic milk paint formulas, that were used for millennia before the introduction of commercially produced paints.  Made from ingredients that pre-date the use of petrochemicals and solvents, Safe Paint is an organic, biodegradable and healthy alternative to latex.  Both durable and non-fading, Safe Paint is the first product to receive the USDA Certified Bio-Based Product designation.  Safe Paint is suitable for residential and commercial projects, and is eligible for LEED credit in certified projects.

    Available in twenty Classic Colors; a dry powder, packaged in pre-mixed Pints, Quarts and Gallons.  Self-priming; coverage is approximately 300 sf/ gallon.  Dry to the touch in 30 minutes; re-coat in two hours.  Soap and water clean up.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: How is Safe Paint different from the original Old-Fashioned Milk Paint?

    A: Safe Paint is formulated specifically for use on non-porous surfaces, such as previously painted interior walls and newly installed sheetrock.  Original Milk Paint is formulated for porous surfaces, such as unfinished woods and masonry.  Safe Paint will also adhere to other surfaces, such as metal or previously finished woods, furniture and cabinetry.  

    Q: Is Safe Paint a true milk paint?

    A: Yes, Safe Paint is a true milk paint, made from milk protein, lime and pigment.  And, like Original Milk Paint, Safe Paint is organic and biodegradable, in addition to being a durable, permanent, non-fading and non-polluting finish.  

    Q: Is Safe Paint different in appearance than Original Milk Paint?

    A: Yes, Safe Paint is a flat finish like Original Milk Paint, but it's a much more uniform and consistent finish over a large surface, whereas the original formula retains its mottled "old world" look.

    Q: Is Safe Paint washable? 

    A: Safe Paint is washable once it has cured.  It is more water resistant than the original formula, but on surfaces with repeated exposure to splash, we recommend applying a clear sealer over the painted surface. 

    Q: Is Safe Paint mixed the same way?

    A: Yes, you basically still just add water and mix, but Safe Paint is easier, especially at higher speeds with a drill paint paddle or portable kitchen beater. 

    Q: Does Old-Fashioned Milk Paint guarantee Safe Paint?

    A: Yes, as with all of their products, Safe Paint carries the same "love it or it's free" guarantee.  (Try it, we think you'll be very pleased with your results.)

    Casa Verde maintains an inventory of Safe Paint in Pints and Gallons.  We will gladly special order quantities and sizes that we don't currently stock.  Minimums and lead times may apply.

    See images of Old-Fashioned Milk Paint projects on our Facebook page.

  • The deep, rich natural colors of milk paint are authentic to their origins in Colonial America, where they were used extensively on period furniture and buildings.  Many fine examples of these paints have survived to modern times, testimony to their durability and inherent, non-fading beauty.  Latex paints cannot compare with milk paints in achieving the authenticity of historic colors, or for the rustic, country look and aged patina they can impart to a project--and yet they can be used in contemporary settings to great effect.  

    Many variations in texture and appearance can be easily achieved with milk paint products, from the matte surface as first applied to a burnished semi-gloss, from a soft satin finish to a time-worn crackle effect.  Although there are just twenty Classic Colors in the milk paint palette, they can be combined, reduced or increased in an infinite number of combinations to produce unique custom colors.  And, in addition, because milk paint is packaged as a dry powder (which is mixed with water), the thickness of the paint can be modified for use as a wash, stain or stencil paint for application over coated surfaces.  

    Old-Fashioned Milk Paint's Classic Colors

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