Chalk Paint

Chalk paint is a traditional finish that's enjoying a renaissance because of the beautiful, matte finish it imparts to the restoration of flea market finds and other functional but dated furniture pieces, as well as walls and floors. The name chalk paint is evocative of the flat finish this paint produces, but it is not simply paint with chalk added to it. It's not chalkboard paint, and it's not made with plaster of Paris or grout, although those ingredients are readily available and will produce interesting effects of their own when mixed in latex paint bases.

Chalk paint is a very desirable finish because it adheres to most surfaces, and it creates beautiful results quickly and easily. It can be used for textured finishes, distressed finishes, smooth modern finishes and even as a wash. So, although the name "Chalk Paint" has been registered by a single company, there are, in fact, many chalk paints on the market today. 

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