Chalk Paint

Chalk paint is a traditional finish that's enjoying a renaissance because of the beautiful, matte finish it imparts to the restoration of flea market finds and other functional but dated furniture pieces, as well as walls and floors. The name chalk paint is evocative of the flat finish this paint produces, but it is not simply paint with chalk added to it. It's not chalkboard paint, and it's not made with plaster of Paris or grout, although those ingredients are readily available and will produce interesting effects of their own when mixed in latex paint bases.

Chalk paint is a very desirable finish because it adheres to most surfaces, and it creates beautiful results quickly and easily. It can be used for textured finishes, distressed finishes, smooth modern finishes and even as a wash. So, although the name "Chalk Paint" has been registered by a single company, there are, in fact, many chalk paints on the market today. 

  • Why did we choose Webster's Chalk Paint Powder?

    After sampling the leading brands of pre-mixed chalk paint and comparing their relative advantages, we decided on Webster's Chalk Paint Powder for a number of reasons.  Foremost among these was our sincere desire to offer our customers a quality product at a reasonable price, one that delivers all the important features of pre-mix products but with other significant benefits.  

    Webster's has several advantages we think are worth considering:

    Webster's Chalk Paint Powder can be mixed in any color, a huge advantage over the leading brands, which have limited palettes of just 36 colors each

    Webster's Chalk Paint Powder can be mixed in any sheen, so if you prefer a satin or semi gloss finish, you are not limited to a flat finish

    Webster's Chalk Paint Powder can be mixed in any quantity, so if you need a gallon or you need a pint, you don't have to buy too little or too much

    Webster's Chalk Paint Powder can be mixed in zero VOC paints mixed with zero VOC tints (the leading European brands are low VOC), resulting in a healthier finish, a lower carbon footprint and better indoor air quality

    Webster's Chalk Paint Powder is cost effective, costing $8.00 to $10.00 less per quart than the leading pre-mix brands*

    Webster's Chalk Paint Powder is made from all natural ingredients

    Webster's Chalk Paint Powder goes on like silk, you're going to love it!

    *When mixed in YOLO Colorhouse zero VOC paints.

  • Mixing Instructions

    Mix a 4 oz package of Webster's Chalk Paint Powder with 2 oz of water and blend until smooth.  Then add this liquid to a quart of latex paint and stir or shake to mix it in thoroughly.  That's it!  You can mix less to avoid waste.

    Surface Preparation

    All surfaces should be clean and free from dirt, dust, grease, oil or wax, i.e. anything that might prevent the chalk paint from bonding to the surface.  If you're working with unfinished wood, a porous surface or a dull or matte finish, no further prep is necessary.  If you're working with a glossy finish, you may need to scratch sand the surface to make it a receptive medium for the paint.  

    Basic Application

    Use a high quality nylon brush for furniture and craft projects, and a roller for walls.  If you plan on sanding through the painted surface to reveal the substrate, allow the paint to dry for at least 30 minutes before sanding.  

    Advanced Applications

    We'll be offering classes this Fall on basic and advanced application techniques, so please use the Contact Form on the right to join our mailing list and be informed of the class schedule.  

    When to Wax

    To enhance the depth of color of the painted surface or add an aged effect, you can use a a clear or dark wax to advantage.  Apply with a rag on large, smooth surfaces or with a stiff brush on highly detailed trim, then buff to a soft shine.

    When to Seal

    Matte finishes tend to be absorbent, so for high use surfaces that will be wiped often (such as kitchen cabinets and tables), Webster's recommends a waterproof sealer, such as Safecoat Polyureseal (a very low VOC finish that we have in stock).  

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