Safecoat Clear Finishes

Safecoat Polyureseal BP is one of the highest quality, lowest toxicity water-based clear finishes available today. Its exceptional durability and abrasion resistance, coupled with high solids, low VOCs and low odor, make it the best alternative to conventional solvent and water-based polyurethanes for performance without toxicity.  Use Polyureseal BP on unfinished wooden surfaces such as floors, furniture and cabinetry. And, Polyureseal is exceptional on gym floors and in auditoriums, too.

Safecoat Acrylacq is a durable, water-based clear finish that is used as a replacement for high solvent lacquers. Acrylacq also seals in outgassing from substrates, such as wood trim, doors, paneling, furniture, cabinetry and railings.

Polyureseal EXT is Safecoat’s latest addition to the Polyureseal product line—a premium quality, crystal clear acrylic urethane that is tough and durable enough for exterior use on walkways, pool decks and patios.  It may be applied to raw woods, woods stained with Durotone, previously painted surfaces and concrete.

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