Safecoat Paints & Primers

Safecoat’s top-of-the-line paints are durable, long-lasting finishes that look good and wear well for years.  Safecoat uses the highest quality, mostly highly refined ingredients available, eliminating the residual toxic chemicals found in other brands. Safecoat paints contain no volatile organic compounds, formaldehydes, fungicides, mildewcides, drying agents or extenders, resulting in a higher quality resin—and a higher quality paint film—without the unnecessary chemical compounds that diminish good health and pollute indoor air.  And, Safecoat’s proprietary coatings technology seals in outgassing from previously applied finishes, so you never have to risk exposure to the hazardous chemicals they contain.

The Safecoat paints and primers that Casa Verde offers are LEED qualified and have received the Indoor Air Advantage Gold Award from Scientific Certification Systems.  Safecoat paints meet the most stringent indoor air quality objectives currently in effect. 

Interior Paints: Zero VOC Flat, Pearl, Eggshell and Semi-Gloss; Ecolacq Gloss and Matte

Interior Primers: New Wallboard Primer and Ecolacq Sandable Primer

Interior/Exterior Paints: Concrete Floor Paint

Interior/Exterior Primers: Transitional Primer

Exterior Paints: All-Purpose Exterior Satin

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