Original Plasters

American Clay Original Plasters are award-winning natural finishes, distinguished by a range of textures, from a fine Venetian-like plaster to denser textures worthy of mountain rustic designs.  These all natural plasters will adhere to drywall, masonry, previously painted surfaces and many other substrates, with no skim coat necessary over Level 2 or Level 3 drywall.  Easy to install, maintain and repair, these plasters are durable, non-fading finishes that lend themselves to countless artistic interpretations.

Original Two-Coat Plasters: Loma, Porcelina, Marittimo and Lomalina

Original One-Coat Plaster: Enjarre

Color: 65 Standard Colors and 160 Blend Colors (all naturally occuring, colorfast minerals and ochers)

Binder: Up & Ez (single pack) and Plaster Plus (bulk pack)

Decorative Options: Straw, Mica, Wax and Stencils 

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