Sansin’s Hot Hues Showcased on White Cedar Saunas

At first glance I thought birdhouses—great big birdhouses—and they got a big grin.  But then I read the text and realized these are barrel-shaped saunas from a Canadian company called Petit Moulin du 4 Milles, who I think must be really playful people.  Who else would design such cozy, colorful retreats to offset the dreariness of long, cold Canadian winters?

But there’s another story to tell here, too… about the owners of Petit Moulin du 4 Milles, who are so passionate about wood and the forests they come from that they’ve planted some 600,000 trees in northern Quebec and British Columbia over the last 30 years, to replenish their supply of the Western Thuya (aka Quebec White Cedar) used to build these saunas.  And, of course, they’re doing their part to combat global warming, as trees provide so many valuable services, like filtering pollutants, sequestering carbon, stabilizing soil and regulating temperature, that we should all follow their example and plant a tree!  Lots of trees… for birds big and small!! 

Details:  The walls are 1-1/4” planed and molded Western Thuya, with roofs made of raw cedar clapboard—all coated with Sansin SDF in Primary Yellow, Copper and Onyx.  SDF is a penetrating finish for vertical wood surfaces, such as siding, decks and fences, that provides lasting protection in just one coat—and SDF is available in more than 100 colors, ranging from natural wood tones to saturated colors like those featured here.

Spring is coming, our next shipment of SDF arrives this week, so let’s start planning some awesome birdhouses, treehouses and “play” houses that will bring us joy for years to come!

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