Oil Finishes

Rubio Monocoat Oil Plus 2C is a revolutionary plant-based hard wax oil. As the name implies, in one coat you’ll get color and protection for your wood flooring, furniture, cabinetry, millwork and just about any wood project imaginable.

2C stands for two-component; Part A is the oil and Part B is an accelerator and hardener.

Oil Plus 2C has NO VOCs, NO solvents, NO water and produces NO lap lines.

It is easy to apply and maintain; it can be applied to solid, engineered and veneer woods.

Oil Plus 2C is available in over 50 colors, which can all be mixed to create new colors for endless possibilities.

Maintenance is easy using Rubio Soap and Renew; when necessary, renovate using the original Oil Plus 2C color.

COVERAGE:  1 liter +/- 300-500 sq ft

SIZES:  20 ml, 350 ml and 1.3 Liter

CURE TIME:  80% cured in 2 days, fully cured within 7 days

SHELF LIFE:  24 months

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