Sansin Siding Finishes

Sansin SDF is a superior penetrating finish for vertical surfaces, such as siding, decks and fences.  SDF provides exceptional UV protection in a wide range of natural, semi-transparent and solid colors.  Thanks to its unique waterborne formulation and proprietary nano technology colorants, SDF provides lasting protection in just one coat, enhancing the natural beauty of wood.

And, because SDF is designed to be highly water-repellant, it's a natural choice for homes and other structures in moisture-rich environments. Not only does SDF protect the surface of your wood by repelling water, it also protects beneath the surface by allowing wood to "breathe," which prevents moisture from being trapped in the wood and causing rot and cracking, peeling or blistering in the finish.

SDF Topcoat is a technologically advanced modified waterborne polyurethane for exterior vertical surfaces.  Highly durable and low in VOCs, SDF Topcoat is exceptionally UV resistant, washable and, because of it’s excellent adhesion, it may be applied over many water- or oil-based products.  Use SDF Topcoat on wood and fiberglass windows and doors, including garage doors, siding, dry log substrates, millwork and outdoor furniture.

SDF RTU Foundation is a ready-to-use penetrating pre-finish for both interior and exterior wood surfaces, used to protect against discoloration, keeping wood looking clear, crips and natural.  SDF Foundation will protect wood surfaces up to six months on a job site during construction; then simply wash and apply a finish system without additional prep.  Foundation provides a superior clear finish that stabilizes wood tissue and lignin against UV degradation.

SDF Foundation’s deep, penetrating solids will bond with the wood tissue permanently, to increase dimensional stability, reduce checking and erratic movement by regulating evaporation of embedded moisture.  Foundation provides neutral water repellence, increasing the wood surface’s natural resistance to moisture without causing adhesion or penetration issues with finish coats.  Also use Foundation for even absorption of SDF on clear and rough cut woods.

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