Sansin Trim & Door

Sansin ENS is a durable two-coat finish that can be applied to virtually any exterior surface, including wood or fiberglass windows and doors, garage doors, dry log substrates, trim, millwork, furniture and siding.  Highly durable and low in VOCs, ENS is highly resistant to wear, doesn’t discolor over time and provides some of the toughest UV protection available.  And, because of its excellent adhesion, ENS can be applied over other water- and oil-based products to improve the performance of those coatings.  

For even longer maintenance cycles on new build projects, undercoat ENS with SDF or Classic.  For maximum performance during maintenance coats, use ENS Optimum Clear—in Gloss or Satin—a powerful, exceptionally clear UV topcoat that can be applied to almost any finish.Whatever your project, the exceptional clarity and vibrant color of ENS—in natural, semi-transparent or solid finishes—will raise it to a new standard of beauty and durability.

Finally, ENS Naturals Topcoat rounds out the ENS product line.  ENS Naturals Topcoat is a neutral finish that enhances the tone or color of natural wood over existing protective finishes.  It is a highly durable, attractive finish that will enhance the performance and sheen of surfaces finished with ENS, SDF, Classic or Dec.  And, because of its excellent adhesion, ENS Naturals Topcoat can be applied over many other transparent water- or solvent-based finishes.  Use it on exterior siding, decks, fences, windows, doors, furniture and timbers.

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